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Creating moments that positively change lives and connect consumers and brands, that's what drives us. Our strategists, creatives, designers and project managers specialize in bringing business strategy to life in every environment imaginable - online and live. This is RAM.


Every great design begins with an even better story.

Whether it concerns a new house style, an advertising campaign, a soundtrack or a complete show production, in RAM you will find an experienced, passionate sparring partner who thinks along on a strategic level.


The outcome of thinking, visualizing, planning and taking action

Visualizing ideas is part of our DNA. Our designers know exactly how to take you to the final result with clear visualisations, accompanied with technical drawings and accurate calculations.


Music is the reason your heart has a beat.

Whether as a professional musician, as a songwriter / producer or as an organizer of concerts and festivals, each of us has a history within the music industry.

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Designing a moment that is easy to enter, fits expectations and meets business goals

Live events is where all of our expertise comes together; the concept, the design, the production and last but not least, the audience. Ingredients that lead to an experience where brands and fans create a shared memory.


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